Reflections on SU 2020

By Anne Hall-Bowden

2020 Summit University Australia 13-19th January.
Alexandra Headland, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

We gathered together at Alexandra Park Conference Centre, a hidden gem tucked away on 10 hectares/25 acres of tranquil, secluded, native bushland, nestled in one of the few remaining pockets of rainforest bushland on the Sunshine Coast. A little over an hour’s drive north of Brisbane airport, the Sunshine Coast is renowned for its long white sandy beaches and sparkling blue, warm waters. At night, if you listened intently, you could even hear the distant pounding of the surf beach, a short 200 metres/one eighth of a mile stroll from the front entrance.

With this wonderful backdrop, it was our own piece of heaven on earth to enjoy as we studied the more serious meaning of what it means to have God government on earth. The ascended masters introduced a higher concept: God government. God over men. It means that when divine principles guide human actions, society functions at its best. War ceases. Justice reigns and existence is elevated to a place where all can embrace the ultimate purpose of life: the ascension in the Light.

There was no need for an alarm clock, as the chorus of kookaburras before dawn, woke us daily at 4 am for 5 am decrees – though Queensland does not observe daylight saving, they must have tuned into our interstate attendees used to being on daylight saving time. The well appointed bungalow accommodation surrounded by coastal rainforest, created a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere.

Dappled sunlight fell on our shoulders and elementals skipped along beside us as we walked beneath the canopy of trees and cabbage tree palms, following the horseshoe shaped walkway that led from our comfortable accommodation to the bungalow meeting room we used for our sanctuary.

During our eight day retreat, the chef and staff continued to keep us surprised and delighted with their inspirational and varied culinary pursuits for breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner. Not only did they cater for the most particular of our eaters but did so using no dairy, gluten, pork, nightshades or sugar. In addition, separate vegan and vegetarian menus were provided. It was well noted that Steven Acuff ate his lunches and dinners each day there and was very pleased with the delicious offerings. The chia or brown rice dish topped with coconut cream and berries for breakfast was a favourite and if you had any room left, could follow with eggs and/or turkey bacon and vegetables. Lunch and dinners were generous servings of fish, chicken or turkey, with about 6 different vegetables or salad. To cleanse the palate, refreshing platters of a wide variety of tropical fruits, watermelons and berries were provided. Hot drinks of dandelion or herbal teas were also on offer.

Throughout the week, the sounds of children’s laughter could be heard ringing out along the winding nature walkways that weaved below overhanging boughs and beside brush. They set out on exciting adventures of exploration through the flora and fauna, including a search for the elusive bush turkey whose nest they had discovered earlier. From six year old Jeremy’s idea of being violet flame angels using lavender balloons as wings, to cooling down in the swimming pool, the children had many precious memories to carry home of friendship, craft activities and joy.

It was wonderful to see all the shining faces that came from near and far across our wide brown land as well as five who crossed the Tasman Sea from our sister nation, New Zealand. Australia had been in the grip of a very serious drought and was indeed a sunburnt country, experiencing extreme bush fires, images of which had been beamed around the world. Though we had held a prayer vigil as well as praying daily for rain for months, the drought held sway. A novena for rain was started at SU, and, combined with a change in the dipole in the Indian Ocean, within 48 hours the rain tumbled down and we were “a land of flooding plains”.

The five baptisms and one wedding ceremony were a definite highlight and community bonding. With the chapel decorated with leafy bowers and additional flowers, everyone participated and much enjoyment was had by all. Enfolded in love and happiness, an evening of music and dance created a sense of rejoicing and celebration, lifting spirits to higher realms.

A delightful addition on Saturday was an invitation to attend an hour and a half classical music concert performed by the Young Conservatorium of Music for School Age Children who were also staying on site at Alex Park. Rev. Peter Duffy altered our program so we could accept the invitation. Everyone basked in the glow of the recital which was helping create musicians of the 21st century.

Ode to Summit University, Sunshine Coast Queensland, January, 2020

As we gazed out through the windows to the coastal bushland hallows and heard the wondrous glory of God’s Word and His story we saw a vision splendid of God government extended and shared in boundless joy and peace with never ending surcease.

Our nation was faced with major droughts and fire and the outlook was quite dire we visualised Australia in rain and prayed and prayed it would come again our decrees were answered fast by the nature spirits at last and the rain soon came tumbling down and everything was green all around.

And at night we lay protected and in our finer bodies collected cloaked in Lord Michael’s wings of blue, to heavenly retreats we flew kindred spirits of one accord in heavenly realms we explored above the canopy of clouds discovered the castle of light on Sirius and its inner secrets how to bring God government

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