Bring Home the Lightbearers

We have gotten approval to hold this years July class SU topic at our retreat next year!


Join forces with the World Teachers Jesus and Kuthumi to find El Morya’s One Million!

Kuthhumi Jesus World Teachers

Did you know? A million lightbearers or more are ready for the Teachings of the Ascended Masters!  There’s just one problem: many of these precious souls are caught in a web of karma and materialism that keeps them ignorant of their true divine nature and mission in life.

There are at least one million potential chelas of the will of God in this world who are ready to enter in.  Yet they are held back, beloved, by the very burden of the karma of the world.  

–El Morya, Pearls of Wisdom® Vol. 32 No. 33 (August 13, 1989)

It’s the task of the students of the masters to reach these lightbearers and inspire them to connect consciously with the Great White Brotherhood.

How can you help?  Immerse yourself in Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Spirit-filled 1979 “Seminar of the World Teachers.” Overshadowed by Jesus and Kuthumi, the messenger interprets the Book of Isaiah to show in great detail how the dark ones—both in biblical times and in our own day and age—manipulate life on earth and entrap the lightbearers. In 11 fiery dictations the World Teachers themselves then convey the fire that we need to rejuvenate ourselves and awaken these potential chelas of God’s will. To hone our skills we’ll also study the fine points of strategic online outreach and draft a personal strategy to reach the souls we ourselves are responsible for.

These three actions combined—knowledge, skills and the fire of the Holy Spirit—will help us answer the call to connect with those one million souls who are ready and waiting for the Truth, and bring them home!


  • Be inspired by 10 compelling lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  • Be infired by 12 powerful dictations by Jesus (7), Kuthumi (4) and Sanat Kumara (1) and receive the World Teachers’ initiations of the Holy Spirit
  • Learn effective techniques that support the organizational outreach thrust
  • Create a personal action plan for reaching your segment of the one million
  • Receive a unique blessing of the throat chakra with the Messenger’s amethyst egg, which contains a focus of the ascension flame.


  • Since this World Teachers seminar is an advanced program, attendees must be members of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity and have a good working knowledge of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.
  • The seminar in Australia begins on January 7th at 9AM and concludes Saturday 12th January at 6 pm. Registration for SU will be on the 6th (Sunday night) after arrival at the venue.
  • The minimum age for attendance is 15.
  • Due to the special nature of this seminar, partial attendance is not possible. No new students will be admitted once the seminar has started.

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